Repetitive thought stim

I identify with being on the spectrum but don't have a diagnosis. I've spent three years researching and wondering. 

So I'd like to ask if anyone can relate to having repetitive thoughts as a stim? I'm not sure if I stim. However I have noticed that I have been thinking about a particular thing over and over. But that I'm doing it because it gives me joy to think about.  I have a couple of activities which could be seen as obsessive/repetitive but last night I was home alone. And all I wanted to do was sit and daydream about this particular thing. So that is what I did. I probably wouldn't have done that if my partner had been home. 

Can anyone relate to this notion of a recurring thought as a stim? 

  • And I know this also sounds really weird, but there's a particular colour or shades around this colour which bring me immense joy. I didn't recognise that I was so drawn to this colour until someone pointed it out when we were shopping.  I'm really attracted it it and it always catches my eye and makes me feel happy. I'd love to have my whole downstairs in this colour scheme but I don't live alone so have to compromise! 

    It's not just a case of "its my favourite colour" I feel like I have a connection to it. 

  • I used to do A LOT of daydreaming... I still do it sometimes, but not to the extent that I used to. I think it was a form of escapism for me (until I stopped focusing on the real world altogether). 

    I do have OCD and often get intrusive thoughts, but they're distressing and very different from the stuff I was thinking about through choice. I don't know if daydreaming is classed as stimming, but it's an interesting thought.

  • I daydream a lot too which I class more as a wandering of the mind. This was more thinking with a purpose and setting myself aside to do it rather than,for example, sitting on my bed and realising an amount of time has passed while my mind has wandered.

    Either way it's escapism isn't it.

  • Yes - that's what I used to do. I sometimes use that strategy if I'm struggling to get to sleep at night - I either focus on something that really interests me, or try to construct a dream for myself. 

    It is Slight smile