The Gym

I haven't been to a gym in ages.  After Christmas, I decided that I really needed to lose a few kilos and get fitter.   So I joined my local David Lloyd club and I have so far been going three times a week for the past three weeks.  I was very nervous at first.  The people, the noise, the light, the temperature all make me anxious.  I have now learnt to try and zone out with my noise-cancelling earbuds and it seems to be working.  I hope to commit to going three times a week at least because the membership is expensive.

  • Well done for getting back into it :) I'm not very good with gyms, but I do need to try and exercise more.

  • Many congrats on going back to the gym.

    Not always the easiest thing to do.

    But, give yourself credit.

    I agree with taking small steps.

    Whilst starting out with short term aims.

    I previously went to a gym before for the same or similar reasons as you.

    I couldn't bare going on my own.

    Let alone ask for assistance if needed.

    Best of luck, with your goals.

  • I like to go jogging and go down the gym

  • Great , well done. I know just what you mean about the anxiety. I think this takes a lot of courage.

    With my own exercise regime, the biggest difference came when I allocated a fixed time, and a priority to exercise those 3 times a week. At that time everything else is second priority.  So I have a routine that is now a habit, and i don't have to over-think it or plan too much. It took a few weeks to adjust, but now I have been doing ti for years. 

    Before that, i was "finding time" in my schedule and talking myself out of it.  But i was only making excuses and having "inertia" really. 

    As a bonus, I find that physical exercise helps me mentally and helps me to sleep and eat better.

  • great stuff I did regular exercise routines for years, but then lost the routine and have never got back to it