Advice for soundproofing

Hello everyone,

As with many of you on here I'm sure, I suffer with an extreme sensitivity to noise. Banging, unpredictable noises, conversations in another room, kids playing etc can be extremely distracting and distressing. I live in a busy house with kids and with a pretty sub standard build quality so noise reduction between rooms is very poor.

My health is deteriorating as I am not able to manage my stress levels or feel I have a safe place. I feel tired and exhausted most of the time. I generally sleep in the day to try and get through the noisy periods but obviously that isn't always an option and sometimes the noise is so loud it wakes me up.

The only option I feel is to soundproof my ceiling (most of noise is from above) however I have no idea what methods/materials are effective. I was hoping someone on here might be able to provide some advice as I am getting pretty desperate.