Your ideal future


A lot of the hard work that comes with ASD is figuring out ways to exist in the world and how to negate the impact the world has on us. I've been thinking a lot lately about where I would like to be in the future to provide some sort of direction and hope. How I can set myself up to have a life where I can be comfortable but still interact with the world, only on my terms. 

For me, I quite enjoy messing with PCs so I've started an online degree with open uni in IT. I'm hoping to build up a portfolio over time and to expand my capabilities to an extent I can run my own business or work from home. This would limit the need to be around people everyday as with most jobs.

I would like to live in rural area, near a town but far enough away I don't have many people coming by. I was thinking a wooded area where I could have my own cabin and collect my own firewood. Be more with nature.

I'd like to have a dog, probably a German Shepherd I could walk around the countryside. 

I'd probably have a scrambler bike or one of them old jeeps the farmers use to get around the terrain.   

It would be nice to have a partner but with my particular brand of OCD and anti-social behaviour  that's becoming increasingly unlikely.

What would your ideal future look like?