How to be a good Uncle.

My nephew was born this afternoon, and I would like some advice as to how I can be a good Uncle to him. This is the very first time that I have been made an Uncle.

Any good advice would be appreciated.

  • Congratulations on becoming an uncle.  That's a difficult question to answer.  Probably just be consistently good to them, and sort of watch out for them from afar if that makes sense.

  • I agree As ASD people tend not to care closely for children I believe. So commit how much time, help and money you will give and try the love always 

  • uncles are very important. they are like an alternative dad sometimes, so your role can be important, fun, and a learning experience.

    I see your role as someone who drops by takes an interest in what your nephew is doing, studying, whatever they are doing. You there to help.

    You have a lot of skills you can share. 

    You will be most useful when he is walking about and talking,  when hes a teenagers, when he is looking for work and so on.

    Each family is different so its hard to give out advice. 

    just be involved in your nephews live as much as possible, every little helps to make a new person a better person. 

    anyway here is a link of 10+ tips to read

    best of luck in your new mission,