Should i try get an assessment? What to expect

Hi, im new here, 32YO adult not currently diagnosed with AS but considering getting an assessment. 

Ive had mental health problems most of my life, depression anxiety/GAD. In the past year this has escalated so ive ended up starting to see a new councellor.

I had my 1st session this week and was stunned when after explaining my difficulties she asked if id ever considered i was on the spectrum, as a lot of what i struggle with sounds a lot like aspergers. 

After my initial shock, at their suggestion i did a bit of research and a lot of what ive read makes sense, particularly with social issues, eye contact, being perceived as rude, short temper, difficulty understanding what people expect or mean (i feel like im missing something when people speak, like im always trying to second guess what they mean and getting it wrong) obsessive interests, etc. I did a baren cohen test online and scored 34 (strong possibility of AS) 

So im considering visiting my gp to get a referal, i have no idea what to do or expect. Or if i should do so at all.

I read that a parent needs to answer questions on development, but i am estranged from my mother (father not in the picture either) would this complicate things? 

Also my biggest fear is that at the end id be told im not AS then will feel like ive just wasted valuable NHS time. 

On the otherhand, i feel maybe getting a diagnosis will help with work, as my collegues, friends and family (and myself!) would be able to understand why im the way i am and im not just being deliberately difficult. And i could maybe stand a better chance of getting support, as mental health provisions are extremely poor in my area without going private

Help/advice/opinions welcome, sorry for the long essay!