Help- Don't know what to do


So right now, I'm feeling stressed, confused, irritated, nervous and more all at the same and to be honest, have no blinking clue why? And I don't know what to do in order to deal with it. Please, ANYONE, if there is ANYTHING that you think might help, please say.

  • Hi

    I tend to get like this also. I have found as I struggle to identify and describe emotions I need to do a body scan and realise what each part of me physically feels and if that is an emotion or something else. Flutters in my tummy, is it nervousness or am I peckish? Stress headache or do I need water? Sometimes I find that when I recognise the physical I can help the emotional.

    Also track, either written or in your mind, your activities, conversations, has anything left you even slighty off kilter a little which when left can escalate.

    Is there an activity or interest you can engage in that can distract you at all to help until this passes?