Support / forums for NT partners?

Hi All.  In order that my NT partner can understand and support me better, she's asked if there's a forum she can join to get support and advice from other NT partners. Is this forum appropriate please or should she look elsewhere? I was diagnosed in March this year, so we're both learning.

  • have a look on facebook, there may be some groups. Also some books may help?

  • Well, I’m sure there are a few, just be careful as some paint Aspies/Autistics as heartless and emotionally abusive!!! Have to be careful to choose a reputable one! How about informal support? For example my husband and my friend’s husband are going fishing tomorrow, I’m ‘sure’ that at some point the topic of both being married to Autistic women will be discussed!

  • Hi,

    I'm an NT wife and I found the Different Together site helpful and supportive.  

    Also I'd advise reading. Tony Attwoods Complete Guide to Aspergers is good - although a lot to take in.

    For both of you I'd also recommend Maxine Aston - The Asperger Couples Workbook,  and Gisele and Christopher Slater-walker  -  An Asperger Marriage.

    Hope this helps.