My last post today. I'm sorry for so much posting activity lately.

It's been mentioned by a gp and a therapist that I may be on the spectrum. I was all for diagnosis but was told no service in my there is but even the questions to find out if I'm viable for assessment were too much for me. Their so open to many possible answers. I came out overwhelmed. 

For the first time in my life I feel like theres other people like me (this forum) I'm not just odd. I'm not an alien or been adopted. I cried when I realised im pretty sure im on the spectrum.

Now the thing is in my head im sure I have aspergers but also worry that im a fraud as I dont have a bit of paper to say so. Can I say I have aspergers if I dont get diagnosis? I dont think I could cope with the diagnosis. I struggled getting my son through his