Life balance

I'm undiagnosed as some of you know. However, how do you balance your life and down time?

For example my husband was home for 4 days after being away for 2 weeks. He tried to cram everything in. He expects me to completly change my routine. So one day we went clothes shopping in a busy city, lunch out, he didnt want to go home after shopping for 5 hours! So we went trampolining in one of those huge places with trampolines all over the place. Then dinner out. 

I just wanted to go home. Get home I need time to myself as I'm hugely anxious. I want to garden alone as that's my thing. But hes upset I cant sit and watch a film (I dislike tv unless it's old movies but I do try) so I sit and watch a film all the time feeling like a bottle about to explode. Next day I spend 2 hours at the allotment as I need to get away to myself. I get home hes not so happy as wants to do something together. 

Last time we split up was because my only recharge was 2 hour beach walks with our dog. 

I need days to recharge sometimes but I try and compromise with an hour or so.

We've split up before over this and today hes gone back to work still sulking that I'm not as attentive as he needs. I just feel exhausted