CTR: any feedback from the service user's or family member's perspective?

I am becoming familiar with CTR (Care Treatment Reviews) recently, having my son, who is now not diagnosed with a mental illness but only Asperger's (detained under MHA but for a different reason), as he's moving down to less secure environment with a view, I guess, to be discharged into the community. So they tell me that now things are better.

We went through hell and back many a times when he was a child and was then moved away from us due to the services failing to support us, some 300 miles for 10 years. So now they tell me that I will be fully involved, as would he, in the discharge process, choosing accommodation etc. I am terrified that he will end up with the wrong support (as in the past) or will meet wrong people. I know, professionally, that supported accommodation in the community or people discharged from mental health hospital, is very inadequate, underfunded and very understaffed, with the private sector making money but not really caring in the sense that they should. Sorry about the moan.

So, now they tell me that this is no longer the case for people with a learning disability or / and autism.

Any feedback?