I just wondered what the best sort of holidays people have had?

  • I did a good holiday a few years ago - learning to dive in Egypt.    It was an all inclusive, high-intensity course based in a hotel in Sharm el Shiek.  Day one was get all you gear from the store - wetsuit, mask, snorkel, octopus/regulator, weights & fins - all in a little carry-crate.   Once kitted out, it was straight into the classroom and hitting the training books for the first chapters followed by getting geared up and into the pool practising what we had just covered.   Lunch was followed by more lessons and back into the pool.    It was continuous assessments throughout.    We were free to explore the town in the evenings.   Day 2 was more of the same, day three was based on the beach and day four was on a dive-boat - and done.

    Day 5 was for anyone who had failed any of the previous day's tests to re-do that section   It was high-intensity learning with a very high drop-out rate.   People found that they either couldn't keep up or had inner-ear equalisation problems or just got freaked out by the whole underwater environment.

    I thought it was brilliant - I passed everything and on the spare day I did a trip to the top of Mt Sinai.

    I found it was an excellent experience - and I'm now a qualified open-water diver to boot.   All for £399 at the time.

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