Assessment tomorrow!!

I've posted before under a NAS username and told myself I wouldnt post on here again until I chose a new username, then I couldn't decide what to call myself so I just didn't post. Sorry. I promise I'll contribute more now rather than just asking for support from you all all the time. 

Having said I am posting for support again! I have my assessment tomorrow and I'm getting very, very nervous. I've gone back and forth a lot over the past 3 years about whether I am autistic or not and I'm currently feeling that I am not and that I'm probably just a hypochondriac/drama queen who wishes neurodevelopmental disorders on herself. 

I haven't done any prep work like sending in reams of info about myself, etc, even though I really wanted to, because I felt like it would just stress me out more. I've decided just to go along, answer the questions, do the tests and see what happens. 

I'm sure a lot of you felt like this about your assessments? What did you do that helped? What helped calm any assessment anxieties?