Empathy Anyone?


I've recently self-diagnosed ASD. (First thought was depression, social anxiety, then ADHD.) after some research I'm pretty sure it's ASD. 


I have heard about ASD peeps "not having empathy" and I wondered what that meant to you? 

For me - I love humans and think they have the potential to be fantastic. However, most humans annoy me and I find them very, very strange. 

I am very empathetic to teenagers, animals and have a strong sense of justice for persecuted minorities as a whole (asylum seekers, women etc) 

However -  when it comes to the individual feelings of people around me - I only care if it effects me? I don't think this is 'neurotypical' - is this an ASD thing or am I just a psychopath? Lol. 

No but seriously what's wrong with me!