Help me understand this phrase

It was my last day in my job today. Absolutely nightmare for me as I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to say to people but I muddled through in an awkward fashion.

My service manager has helped me a lot and seems a genuine person. She came to see me before I left and said thank you for your work with us. I’m sorry a job didn’t come up for you while you were finishing with us (that’s a lie they just didn’t want me staying). She then said ‘let me know how you get on. I’ve got your personal email anyway’.

Now this kind of comment confuses me completely. I know this means let me know how you get on job wise but is it just a polite thing that is said or does she actually want me to let her know when I get a job.

I want to ensure I come across well as this is a major employer in my field.

  • If you have no job to go to, she won't ever know when you start the next job so it's an open-ended sentence.   I suspect she says that to everyone to be 'nice' or polite and doesn't expect to ever hear from you again.    As you won't be working with her, there's no conversation to continue.

    Forget it, move on.  Be happy.

  • My service manager has helped me a lot and seems a genuine person.

    On the basis of the above I would think it's genuine... so I'd say yes, let her know when you find something.

    Good luck with finding your next opportunity.

  • This happens to everyone.  A lot of the time you never find out why. Could be many reasons that might not all be to do with you personally. Managers have to cover inconvenient truths sometimes, (which means lying).

    Stay polite and in touch - you never know what might come up.  Meanwhile move on and find something better that makes you happy.