Confession - I upvote my own posts. lol. :D

I confess I upvote my own posts. I thought about it once and just did it. And now when I feel a bit low, I upvote my own posts.

I also laugh at my own jokes. I'm actually laughing at this as we speak. It's so silly. But I am asking for forgiveness. As some of you might not like me breaking the rules.

And sometimes I laugh out loud. I/our family used to have a gadget that laughed. I was made of pink plastic. And it had its own drawstring bag. To activate it you pressed the button. And it would let a loud mechanical laugh. I think about the bag every now and then. I wonder where it is. That laughter in a bag.

If this post makes you smile. I'm glad. Smiling is very good for the soul and the mind.