The RBQ2a - standardised self-report for Restricted and Repetitive Behaviours in Adults

This took some digging to find! We're all so familiar with the AQ50, EQ, RAADS-R etc but I've not heard this one discussed much.

As far as I can tell, it was developed by Cardiff uni around 2015.

I haven't found an easy online version of it, but you can get the questions out of the paper here:

If you answer the questions in Table 1, you can work out a score.

If I'm interpreting the scoring correctly, you can work it out as follows:

Add up your responses according to the number 1,2,3 at the top of the columns. You should get a number between 20 and 60.

If you want to see where you fall on the scale as a total, convert this to a number between 1 and 3 by dividing by 20 [Edit - previously said 60 here, incorrectly], and then look at Table 4 which effectively says:

  • NT Score = mean 1.25 with standard deviation 0.19
  • ASD Score = mean 1.84 with standard deviation 0.45

There are also instructions here: Behaviour Questionnaire (RBQ-2)scoring final1.pdf

...on how to work out sub-scores for 4 different factors which I haven't yet looked at.

I scored myself 1.6 (raw score 32, taking care not to over inflate my report in the ASD direction) which is within one SD of the ASD mean and more than one SD away from the NT mean. So unless I've done something wrong, this is evidence of ASD-like RRBs that my NHS assessment hasn't (yet, hopefully!) found sufficient evidence for.

I'd be really interested to know other people's scores!

This could so easily be turned into an online version too....have I missed one I wonder?