What do you do when this happens?

Hi everybody,

Does anybody have any suggestions that could help me? Basically, I struggle to make appointments at the doctors and go to the doctors even though I am in pain or forgetting my medication. How do I make the first step? Just the thought of going to the doctors makes me anxious and it is not enough to know that I am in pain and others would not struggle the same as me, they would just go. I just feel that so many people get to the doctors, sometimes with less issues than mine, so what can I do?People tell me - just go. Doesn't work like that.Any thoughts?

  • I have exactly the same problem.

    I know I need to make appointments, not only for the doctor but also for car servicing, or anything else. I simply forget day after day, which may be linked to phone anxiety, and the fact with the doctor it is usually a case of needing to know when I am available three weeks hence and that seeing the doctor is not an experience I relish.

    Medication I forget to take regularly. And then there are notices in the surgery saying that a lot of trivial conditions can be discussed with a pharmacist to avoid wasting a doctors time, or that only one thing can be discussed per appointment - perhaps not put as bluntly as that but that is my interpretation.  The result is I can have a condition causing pain a nd discomfort for months or years.

    i really need someone to make the appointments for me and actually drag me down to the doctors surgery.  If I could remember how to use the online booking that might help a bit, but it still wouldnt help me get to the surgery.

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