ADD Med's. Update.

I began a sort of log on here to talk about the Lisdexamphetamine 30mg.I was prescribed even though I am crap at keeping diaries but thought I'd give it a go as I was confident that I would see differences in the way that my mind .operated. Disappointment, I was so miserable and deflated I could not be bothered trying to present the Nothing that was happening in a meaningful light for anyone so I did not post about it.

I had seen no noticeable change apart from sleep disruption and my appetite evaporating. ( I do feel the increase in my heart rate-particularly when i am cycling hard-sometimes my chest feels like a washing machine on "Spin!" )  So, had another consultation and it was decided to up my dose by a third to 40mg  per day. I had the larger dose for the first time yesterday and had a great rush of energy and a definite sharpening of my overall focus-(which I really needed yesterday because of the hard and sometimes intricate physical work I was carrying out!)

So this is now Day 2 of the new tab's, I have not yet taken one-it is only just after 6am ,today I do not have to do anything too physical so I will be able to try doing some of the stuff which requires more concentration to perform properly than I am generally capable of producing such as playing some of the pieces I always screw up-even though I know every note to play-on my piano-now if I noticed an improvement here I would be ecstatic!

I will be too busy to do any woodwork for a month or two but it will be interesting to see if I manage to make something without any flaws-I can do some fine quality pieces but every one has some evidence of a lapse of concentration and to me, that is like burning the cake you've spent hours preparing and most of the stuff I make ends up being  broken up and made into other things.. If I make mistakes, I will have nobody to blame but myself as the tools I have are all in perfect condition and good quality..

For those who might be curious about what ADD does to my brain, this quite short post has taken me over an hour to write, evidently, i need help!

There may be further posts on this subject (Med's) 

Wish Me Luck!