Audio Processing disorder?

Hi everyone im new here.
I was diagnosed with autism only a week ago aged 32, and my son is 7 and has autism and was diagnosed aged 3.
Anyway, throughout my life we have always known my mother has APD (Audio processing disorder) which basically means that even when she hears what youre saying (which is rare as she is almost completely deaf now) it seems to take the brain extra time to process the words, it just sounds like gobbledygook.
I quickly realised i have it too, people can talk directly at me and it just sounds like an alien language, then a few seconds after it'll finally click in my brain.
This often means someone will say something, and i'll ask them to repeat it, then halfway through them repeating it, it'll click in my brain from the first time.
It also means i rely more of lip reading than i do on the sounds, which means that i always like people to speak facing me. Meeting new people can be a nightmare too, with their new, different speaking patterns it can take me time to get used to their speech patterns, so i will often just look confused the whole time.
Since being diagnosed as on the spectrum my partner suggested maybe the APD could be linked to my Autism. She works with autistic children herself and pointed out that autism is a difference in processing, so that the APD could be caused by my ASD.
Does anyone have this issue?
Could they both be linked?