Counting down ........

I'm just about managing to get my mind off waiting for my diagnosis!

There should be a monthly "consultant" meeting 1st week of April and with luck I should hear maybe a week or so after that. I'm going to struggle to stop myself ringing the clinic to ask if a letter doesn't arrive in that timeframe.

I was the same as a teenager if I left my car at the garage for repair, or some ham radio equipment at the dealer's repair shop; I'd spend every free minute (and many minutes where I should actually be doing something else) evaluating and re-evaluating the possible timelines, what the repairers might be doing, how things might pan out.

I generally cope with this better nowadays and manage to let other people do their own stuff & get back to me, but the importance of my diagnosis to me is making me count the weeks! 3 weeks done (nearly) & three to go?

  • I think I know how you feel.

    When something is important to me, to use an analogy, it's like software on a computer taking up an unusually large amount of the processing power. Which in turn slows all the other software running and can make the computer hard to use.

    I wish you the best of luck over the next few weeks and with the outcome.