Autistic Parent. Struggling.

Hi, I'm high functioning autistic (diagnosed 2 or 3 years ago) and have 2 kids, 5 and 7. I'm desperately looking for help .

In hindsight things have always been difficult, but things have reached a point where my wife and I are considering separating and me moving to make things easier on her and the kids. This is obviously heartbreaking for everyone .

The issue seems to stem from me. Me not being able to "read" my kids or read a situation so things escalate. I find it hard to be consistent with them because my moods can vary quite drastically so although I think I'm doing a good job that day my eldest likely will have a massive meltdown as a way of letting out all the tension from the day.

I've already phoned my GP so I can have a chat and maybe look at going back on meds and maybe looking into CBT, but that'll take time and I need to at least voice this now. 

As much as people have already said "your wife will need to help make things easier" etc, she is under a huge amount of pressure trying to deal with 2 anxious kids AND try and monitor how I am and how changes will affect me. I can't ask her to do any more as it's hurting her. Hence us considering me leaving being the best long term solution. 

Anyone with experience of anything like this, please tell me, how did you manage?

Thanks .