Enemas, Bleach and Sex whilst swimming in camels milk ain't going to shift it! - Amazon is gradually removing book titles touting cures for Autism

Books that promise cures for autism through potentially dangerous therapies have been quietly removed from Amazon over the last week.

Amazon is selling books that teach parents how to subject their autistic children to harmful “treatment” regimes that include drinking, bathing in and making enemas out of a toxic, bleach-like substance. Other pseudoscientific books available on the website instruct parents to force their children to undergo chelation – a treatment intended for arsenic and lead poisoning that caused the death of an autistic boy in 2005.

A search for “autism cure” on Amazon brings up dozens of books positing pseudoscientific solutions for autism spectrum disorder – a complex and lifelong developmental disability that has no known cure. But Amazon’s virtual bookshelves are stacked high with titles that recommend a long list of unproven and dangerous autism cures, including sex, yoga, camel milk, electroconvulsive therapy and veganism.