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Does anyone use Avakin and Imvu?

I have used them before the only reason for this is not romantically based but because

I dont have many people to talk to online when I'm at home in the day. Yes I know I didnt go to college today.

My parents are scared for my health so they don't know if I will be able to complete my Art course.

I feel that making friends and being popular is very important for me, is it right to want to be "a friend of the world"?

I used to play the sims but then it stopped working on my notebook so thats why I started using games like Avakin on the phone.

Today I have had a situation with the players. I said to one that his charecter looked creepy like a broken doll thing it

was meant to be some creepy alien &$%£ but he asked if anyone thought he was cute. Some other player had a go at me and said 

he bet I looked nothing like my charecter so who was I to judge- how does he know that?

I usually try and make my charecter look like me but I dont neccesarily like the way I look so that jab made me feel insecure.

I am dissapointed that you can say anything on these games they have become like forums for NTs.

I dont know why we cant have a secure social avatar game for Autistics that is monitored so we dont bully others, does anyone else think this idea is plausible?