Any help out there for 'high functioning' adults in work?

Hello. I'll try to be brief as I've probably described my situation before. Struggling with work. The whole process of 'suport' amd ''adjustement'  feels more like performance management; I was told I either do MORE work or I'll be found 'alternative employment'.. but that would be a new process and they haven't given me any idea what it would be or whether my pay would be protected. HR and manahemman and union rep are invilbed. As for adjustment, well I now work in isolation most of the time, which I like, but all staff have access to quiet rooms. Time and motion and micromanagement is to the nth degree these days; this doesn't allow for enough processing and recovery time. At my last review meeting, I was told "well done, you have demknsdemons improvements!" .. that's not really what the process was meant to be about..they absolutely will not allow me to remain in my current role unless I basically cope with the same demands and pressures as anyone else, despite the fact that with a reduced or limited workload, I do very good work. Seems like their perfomaperf targets are too important to 'carry' me. I was sent for counselling because in the months pre and post diagnosis I was not coping with the pressure and it was showing signs of a heavy toll on my mental health..but to be honest, it is more like fatigue and genuine exhaustion and meltdown or shutdown, leaving me wrecked for weeks sometimes. I tried to explain thAt counselling isn't really any good as the only mental health problems I have are the exhaustion and distress that comes from being overloaded  by life and work. Is there any meaningful help or support at all? My employees just don't seem to understand autism very well. I'm in the North east; central and North Northumberland (home and work). Sometimes I feel like I just want to walk away from all of it, but I am five years away from a pension and 30 years into a career/profession which I never liked, it was the worst possible choice for me and it had always been cripplingly uncomfortable, but I had no choice or plan B and I had dependants. Sorry I've digressed, I just wonder if there is any meaningful representation for people like me in employers will simply argue that they have done everything they legally need to do (or can get away with).

Thanks for your patience.

  • Hi NAS36932, I'm not sure I can offer much help but I can relate to what you say. I'm lucky in that my employer and management understand that meeting employees needs helps them to deliver, and they are very understanding and helpful. Like you, I think, I'm 25 years into my career and a couple of years away from a pension (but I need to work at least 10 more years to retire comfortably) and came to (self-)diagnosis after repeated bouts of depression and exhaustion. My exhaustion came about not because of work being piled on from above, but from my own passion for change and that causing me to run into brick walls in the form of *people*.

    Although my employer is understanding, my challenge now is maintaining job satisfaction from my exhausted state (which has taken a year and a half to get anywhere close to where I was before).

    The only practical support I can think is unions, the Equalities Act, Access to Work and Occupational Health departments.

  • Following on from the other post, what Company Policies/Procedures are there to do with Diversity Medical Capability and Workplace Adjustments?

    As far as I know, they cannot reduce your pay for Alternative Employment albeit they should find something you can do rather than making you worse or leading towards Constructive Dismissal territory (don't quote me on that as I am not legally qualified).