Social groups in west midlands

Hello everyone,

Hope u are all well and life is treating you well.

I am thinking of joining a social group for adults with autism

Does anyone know any groups to join or recommend any in the west Midlands?

Kind regards


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  • Sorry for not replying earlier, for some reason I never get alerts when either you or Blue Ray are posting in a thread. It'll probably sort itself out next time there's site maintainance!

    No problem Kitsun, hope you find some pointers in there!

    Do you think it’s an Autistic thing, not wanting to ask for help, wanting to be able to cope with everything without any support from anyone?

    I think in part, it's routine. Sometimes it's focus too. Those are two things I've looked at in relation to myself, and spoke to at length with another autistic person.

    We were both saying that once our mids start something it's hard to change course. I was brought up in a relatively supportive environment, but everyone around me, still to this day, hardly ever asks for help. With a job, with money, with situations, and that was the routine. The crazy thing is people would have helped, but I was used to it all. Just press on. Also once something becomes a routine, you just tend to press on, and on, and on, until the job or situation is over, or we snap.

    I guess the last part of that relates to focus too. Focus can consume the autistic mind, it's a strong attribute in a way, but it can become tunnel vision, all consuming tunnel vision. You start and can't finish. I find it hard to start anything, but when I do, I can't stop. Changing my whole life was hard at first, but it is getting easier, now I'm focused on that.

    It's strange how routine, and focus were kind of the enemy. They stopped me getting help for years, but I'm starting to find out how to direct them, and control my energy, plus stress levels slowly.

    I always say that I don’t really suffer from sensory issues, but when I think about it, I do, it’s just that I’ve gone through life not realising that I suffer from sensory issues, if that makes sense?

    Totally. That's your everyday reality. Your perception, so it feels familiar. Even the things that cause discomfort. Once you start to identify certain factors that may be problems, you can work around them, and recognise when they are getting too much.

    It's a pretty strange thing getting used to it all, but slowly things make sense!