Does anybody when the NHS are going to stop using the ICD-10 for Autism Diagnosis?

I've been trying to get information regarding this for ages, but there doesn't seem to be anything concrete about it.  I do remember finding mention of an NHS  'implementation date' in May 2019, but I've just googled it and nothing seems to come up.   All the other information I've found seems to indicate that the ICD-11 may not be used until 2022, but I've found nothing specific to the UK/NHS.

I am hoping to get my diagnosis updated to ASD using the ICD-11 at some stage, for personal reasons.

I have heard rumours that some areas are already diagnosing people with ASD in preparation for the change, but I don't know how reliable this information is or how frequent it is (or even if it's true).

Does anyone have any information about this that they could share?  I am particularly interested in the Adult Assessment Centre in Sheffield and assessment in North Derbyshire.

Many Thanks