Meltdown Before Leaving The House From Bad Hair...


Had quite a moment earlier today when I had to leave the house to visit the dentist. to apply context, I'm a male in his late 20's and I'm showing strong signs of hairloss - This is something I am not handling well at all. I normally use special power which somehow hides it more and ease my anxiety of it for the most part. But as I had to go to the dentist today, I would have to lean back in one of them chairs with a head rest - Which would smudge this hair mixture. So I tried to go without it on today, planning to wear a hoodie, but I just saw how bad it looked and decided to apply gel/wax to it, which is something I often do anyway to style the front. Well, it went very badly within the last 15 minutes of leaving and lead to a massive panic attack/meltdown.  I did eventually manage to contain myself get out and get the event done, but it was just an endurance.

This is a problem I have had many times over in the past, where when I need my hair styling product to just work but it doesn't. It's just such a struggle and I don't really have any answers to it. There have been times when I have 'Styled' it earlier and had it go wrong to where I can re-wash,re-dry and then re-style but that is roughly an hours process I can't rely each time I need to go out. Especially when it comes to all the other things I need to do prior to getting ready to leave too.

I'm not really expecting answers but just needed a place to vent as I've had a really lousy day from this.

  • My partner gets seriously angry when his hair doesn't go to plan ( he is undiagnosed asd)  he has broken mirrors and all sorts over it his answer these days is well it won't do want I want so it's going and shaves the lot off (really wish he wouldn't) but still it's his hair!