Autism and Issues with workplace dress code

Hi all,

Iv recently been diagnosed with ASD and was wondering if anyone had ever felt uncomfortable with a companies dress code?

My workplace is changing from casual to suits (Formal) even tough we don't see anyone and work purely by phone. I find suits very uncomfortable especial the restrictiveness of wearing a tucked in shirt to trousers and have always opted for black jeans in the event of a one off occasion.

Wearing restrictive clothes general causes me to sweat (To the point I would be asked if I just got out the shower) and feel really hot.

I was wondering if anyone knows if there is anything I could do?

Has anyone else had this issue?

Would it count as a reasonable adjustment to wear dark jeans? If so would my employer have to allow it?

Thank you and please leave any other thoughts as it is of interest.

Thank you,

  • I wonder what consultation your employer has made with the employees about this.

    It is very difficult to argue with the decision of an employer, but there should always be some sort of consultation as to how the employees think about this.  This is after all a change in the terms and conditions of employment, and one which could involve you in considerable expense (both in buying a suit for workplace use and in keeping it looking smart). 

    There are people who will be able to look untidy in whatever they wear, whether it is a suit or not, and not in a deliberate manner.  Likewise 'casual' clothing can look very tidy, and in my opinion it would be better for your employer to say that what you wear should be tidy and clean rather than impose a 'uniform' or 'corporate identity' on its employees seemingly at the expense of the employee.

    I try to look tidy at work, where I work we are not required to dress in a corporate way  Unless it is a particularly formal occasion I never wear a suit.  I find a bow-tie far more practical than a normal tie, it doesn't get caught in things, or dangle into my cup of tea.  It also expresses my individuality and most people would have no idea how to tie a bow tie.  But others very rarely wear any sort of tie in my workplace.

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