I went to the cinema today!

I went to the cinema today - haven't been for absolutely ages, partly though lethargy, but also a significant part was due to worry about how loud/bright/noisy/shiny/peoply it would be.

A good friend asked me to go with her/hubby/their son - I took 2 hours to reply to the text, as you do when your initial thought when anyone asks you to do anything is to scream "no" and curl up in a ball. But I didn't talk myself out of it.

And I'm glad I went, coz it was okay. She's one of the few people who know about my AS, so wasn't surprised when I said "I'll need to wear my earplugs, and I need to sit on the end of the row". It was quite loud, but the earplugs reduced it to an okay level for a couple of hours; it was quite bright, but I shut my eyes in the bright shiny flashy bits, and it wasn't too peoply. 

So I'm glad I did it!

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