Problems with authority/feeling harassed

does anyone else get like this?  I have got on brilliantly with some of my line managers, if given some freedom to be comfortable and do things my way my work is excellent and I happily do extra, and am still friends with previous managers.

however I have gone through life having huge difficulties if I start feeling trapped.  If I’m told I can’t do something, for the sake of being told no, like I view it as them having full control and I start to shut down.  I have social conversations with others at work, but I can’t face even a simple conversation with my line manager.   My line manager stares at me and asks question after question about my weekends, my evenings, how I am, what I’m doing that evening.  If other people asked me I’d be able to talk to them.  

I’ve lost jobs, left jobs and walked out due to this.  I do feel bad because my line manager has been in tears and finds my behaviour very upsetting.  

Does anyone else have similar struggles? 

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