In-Ear Headphones for Noise Cancelling

Like many of you, I find restaurants etc very noisy and sometimes unbearable.

Can anyone recommend in-ear earbuds for noise cancelling? I don't want them to listen to music just block out the sound. I already have some Bose overhead ones. 

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  • Hi guys, I thought I would update you on my investigations.  I have been trying various ear plugs, some are powered with noise cancelling and some are just ear plugs.  

    I tried Vibes, ( ) as these have been recommended for autism, although they are virtually invisible once you have them in, I did not find them that good, they were also a little uncomfortable.

    I do own some fantastic Bose Quiet Control 30's and they are the best I have ever had, although they are full size headphones, so a little bulky.

    I have recently received my Quiet On ear plugs and they are rather good.  They are very discreet and noise cancelling.  The block the sound really well.  They do not connect through your phone and do not play music etc.  They are just for noise cancelling.  So for now, these are my favorites.

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