Going through the process of getting diagnosed - worried


im new to online forum things so sorry if I shouldn’t be writing on here.

i am 38 years old and have always felt different, life felt like one big act which can be very draining. 

Recently everything seemed to come crashing down and I have had a really bad 18 months, things are getting better now but my GP who is very understanding felt that I maybe autistic. This didn’t come as a surprise as it has been mentioned to me in the past, however after hospital visits and reading documentation sent I am getting stressed.

i have been online to learn more and am finding some are saying a formal diagnosis is a relief and others are saying it is the worst thing they have ever done. I am now scared, stressed and constantly worrying about this. I am hoping some others who have been through this can help me decide if to continue or stop the process.

any help would be really appreciated 

thank you in advance