Did diagnosis make a difference?

At 52 Finally got my diagnosis yesterday after a lifetime of not fitting in (see my post ‘Yay’) 

I currently feel exhausted and took the day off work after the 3 and a half hour assessment yesterday, but mentally I feel almost euphoric. Very excited that I finally know what is behind my lifetime of problems.

my life is ok at the moment. Been married for 26 years, I have 2 grownup sons (one diagnosed asd) and have been in the same job for 16 years.

My question is for those diagnosed late in life. Did getting a diagnosis make a difference? In any way shape or form? For me I am expecting more understanding, and to be able to make use of amenities like Christmas shopping in the local Mall’s autistic friendly day for example.

do you have peace of mind? Or have you encountered more prejudice? And are you believed by those you tell?

  • I received my own diagnosis about 3 years ago and 2 years after having an emotional breakdown attributed in part to sensory overwhelm and broken coping strategies in social situations. I'm 41 now and I have been fortunate in the level of support received (social services allocated funds for a support worker). Since receiving the diagnosis, I've been able to get a lot of closure over why I had been struggling for so long... also, by researching what ASD is and how it applies to me, has strengthened my ability to deal with situations that prior had been make/break encounters. I'm now back in work and feeling a lot calmer about the future. As such, yes, the diagnosis made a difference. 

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    My question is for those diagnosed late in life.

    ...This includes myself, I must suppose. I write as I often write: Gaining an Official Diagnosis opens up a lot of things in LAW. Extra services, support, Social Groups, and such like...

    For myself, I should say that a diagnosis may change us (via relief, confusion, curiosity, etc.)... but it does not necessarily change other people... unless they know about such things. The results are different for everyone.

    (Again, good luck with the NAS Site - it is a whole new World of interesting confusion...(!) ) Please Stay Positive and Be Yourself.