Burnout. Help.

Im way too dead to be typing this but ill try. 

For the last few years my burnout has been increasing and simple things get forgotten and stuff. I am having loads of smaller sgut dowms and had a really bad one the other night after a bath. I judt dont know what to do... my mum wants me to get a job like in a month but we agreed to have me clean the house which im fine with but im so dead. 

Bad explainations but I havent got a dx and im only just starting that journey. I fear if i keep focing myself and still keeping with the nt passing which ive feelt as tho i have to keep that im just gonna shut dosm worse more oftej or something 

were eating soon and the idea of going downstairs and all that then watching tv is too much. Ik im not weak but i feel ss tho i am.