Do autistic women wear makeup?

I would have started a poll but I can't see how to do that.

My daughter has just asked why I don't wear any make up, 

It's uncomfortable, makes my face itch, makes me look very odd and I can't do it myself and look like anything other than a clown but my husband says it's because I'm autistic, what do you think?

  • I wear minimal makeup for work, though I only do that as I feel I have to make the effort. Outside of work I don’t wear it at all unless it is a special occasion. I can make a single foundation last 9 months or more!

    Like you, I don’t like the way it feels on my face, so when I do have it on I end up rubbing most of it off anyway. I stick with the same brands and apply it lightly to minimise this problem. I do my own makeup, but as it’s just light foundation, subtle eyeshadow and some lipgloss, it doesn’t take any skill.

  • I wear only mascara and occasionally subtle eye shadow as well. I cannot tolerate anything smeared all over my face or lips, except I wear a light moisturiser with sunscreen. Powder or foundation makes my skin itch and I think I'm allergic.

  • Could easily be a sensory issue.  I like wearing make-up, though - and I'm a male!

  • I don't wear makeup for the reasons you describe- it feels horrid and makes me not look like me. Ugh.
    Also I have better things to do with my time than sit around putting it on!

    That said, my partner's little sister (also autistic, as is my partner) is seriously into dancing and singing and regularly wears loads for performances. Doesn't seem to bother her at all.

    I can easily envisage lots of autistic people avoiding it for sensory reasons though, so I would guess there would be a correlation between autism and not liking makeup if anyone seriously looked into it.

  • Hmmm not really.  I can tolerate a little bit for a special occasion, but couldn't really wear it every day. I think it is a sensory sensitivity thing,makes me itch!

  • I'd say in my opinion (I'm male), I see less ASD women wear it. I don't wear aftershave because I find strong smells uncomfortable, I can wear one aftershave at a push. Another reason is because it feels dishonest, lol. It seems pointless. If I was a woman I probably wouldn't wear it because it would feel intrusive and again pointless. No offence intended to the women that do.

  • Eyeliner, a little concealer, lipgloss. There were once rumours I bleached my face but I never have.

  • I don't wear it. I don't care what others think of how I look, and there are billions of better things to be doing than applying makeup, so why waste precious time painting my face because someone else might prefer to see it with paint on? 

  • Do you like the way it makes you look, the way it feels on you? 

    How does it feel emotionally?

    Do you wear it to look feminine or to look female or just because you like it?

  • I wear masks, but make up is not one of them unless it is a “special” occasion I.e NT required or told to “go and make myself look nice”... I am me and also, make up hides the freckles!