Thought Experiment - 'The Matrix Dilemma'

Okay, so just a little thought experiment to get you clever and creative folks discussing...

Morpheus sits you down and places a small green pill in front of you saying how it will instantly and painlessly 'cure' you of your autism, giving you the neurotypicality you would've had from birth, had things been different.

Do you take the pill?

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  • Absolutely not!

    I may not have known about my ASD until recently but it's what makes me ME. I definitely wouldn't want to be 'cured' of being me.

    I like me, being me, and most things about myself. I agree with the answers before mine, that it's NT's who seem to need a cure (especially for their ridiculous preoccupation with things such as Facebook 'status updates', gossip, and celebrity).  

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