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  • Hi all ,most people look forward to the summer day's, "well i do ,but when you see children playing out, and my childs indoors, looking out the window i find it so hard".yes my daughter is asd but she still wants to have fun and play with other kids.....................................................she loves poke'mon 24-7.............and has make believe friends when she is feeling lonley.She is an only child and we do a lot together ,but it's not the same...................  Her speech dyspraxia does'nt help  and she finds it hard to have a flowing conversation's but she knows that she has to try and take an interest in other people    its not easy ,well you all know !!.

  • Hello,just got up ready to greet my daughter home from school ,not feeling awake properly ,i wish i could do something about my fatigue and pains .Got to go and buy my daughters school uniform tonight "not looking forward to that"!!!!!!!!.............. hope i'm feeling better by then.xx

  • Hi TEA, 

    Sorry, hadn't realised this discussion was open for replies. It's mainly here for people to find links to the rules and help pages, so a lot of people won't read anything here once they've had a first look. 

    There is a discussion about what people have done in a day started by Hope that you might find is a better place to chat about how your day is going? Or if you'd like you could start a discussion about how things have been. 

    Here's the link to Hope's discussion to see if you'd like to add a reply there :)

  • I often see here that when I reply or post something other people often ignore what I have said.

    I often see here how other people can join conversations but I am left out.

    I do not fit in.