Stay at school or try flexi schooling?


My child was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome about 2 years ago. After nearly 4 years of school, i have been struggling with my child to get settled in at school. When things don't go right for him he has, what we call them, meltdowns on a regular basis and he does get violent.

After searching the web, i found something called flexi schooling. Where they are at school part time and home schooled part time. Just wondering if anybody else has tried this? And if they have has it made a difference?

Can't afford to give up work and do full time home school. Any thoughts or comments would be highly apprieciated.Undecided

  • Hi

    I do have experience of flexi schooling.  I do believe that if we had not gone down that route my son would not have coped with the school environment and would probably have been sent to a behavioural unit or something similar.  Saying that it is not an easy path as you have to ensure that the school, the LEA and most importantly your child is happy with the arrangement.  If you child is not pro-active in getting school work done and you are having to be constantly checking on him, it may become more stressful for you and your child and can backfire on you.  

    I would suggest that if there are certain lessons that your child struggles with, then see if he can work on those subjects independently.  Maybe start with one subject and see how that goes.  Building up gradually will give him confidence in taking on other subjects (if need be) or it may come to light that flexi school is not for him or you for that matter.

    Hope this helps.

  • My daughter is doing part time school. But I think it can lead to things not getting done.

    My daughter has been through a lot of schools and has not attended the last half term mostly.

    Shes ok when she is there and then has melt downs at home because she finds socialising hard to understand.

    Her school have got a psychologist ready for her.

    I would try and keep him in school and  to push for learning new ways to cope.

    Your area could have a home schooling network. I would go to the local Methodist church and library to see if there's any info. But you will still have to be with him.. so then not work. I did it for a while and it can work and my local groups had constant meet ups. You will have to have a home check. So when I was doing that I took her to a weekend school that most people go to for extra help and they did maths and English with her and she was fine because she didn't have to socially interact.