Do You Think High and Low-functioning Should Be Used?

I prefer to use autism or ASD because I believe high and low-functioning autism creates a false perception of The Autism Spectrum. To me and I imagine many others, low-functioning and high-functioning create the image of a horizontal line with one side saying "most autistic" and the other side saying "least autistic", especially since I hear people say "end of the spectrum." 

I see The Autism Spectrum as more of a circle divided with each section representing a difficulty, with the individual in the centre having a variation of difficulties with differing levels of severity to one another. Like someone described as low-functioning may be able to walk through shops with no oversensitivity while someone described as high-functioning can have a higher level of severity in sensory processing that it's too hard and not be able to.

Do you think we should avoid the use of high and low-functioning as they're not clinical terms anyway?

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  • hmm rain man was no genius. He had savant skill. I mean savant is short for idiot savant so it's kind of implied general intelligence is low.

  • Some people have no knowledge of autistic people except Rain Man. He was a card counter and some people think that therefore all autistic people can count cards and win millions at gambling. Obviously all autistic people can't do that or we'd all be millionaires. That would be nice!

  • What shall we spend our first millions on then Aidie? Joy 

  • oh a Tesla Car -- 

    i would build some social housing. 4 - 5 house but with big gardens.

    then  i would retire to Italy.  I would move my entire family there  

    and you what would u spend your millions on Slight smile

  • I would buy a big house near the seaside in Dorset and move my family there. I'd probably have a holiday home in Spain or Italy too, I might move us there, it depends on how things go in Britain in future.

    I'd financially help out people who have helped me in life (NOT people who just happen to be relatives)

    Then I'd give money to charities for bereaved and/or homeless children and sponsor a school in Africa.

  • i love the education in africa idea  --- i would do that as well ( if i had a million )

  • I saw an advert from a charity, I think it is Street Kids, to sponsor them building a school in Africa and loved the idea. Far beyond what I can pay now of course! But you can name it after someone as a memorial, I would name it after my parents as they were both teachers. One day, when I'm rich!