Therapy dog

Hello everyone. 
I have a 13 year old girl who’s traits include being obsessed with dogs of any nature. She has to see them, pet them, collect things to do with dogs and has always gone on and on about having one. 
five weeks ago I decided to get a puppy, one that can grow with the family and help her with emotional issues. She gets angry a lot, has little interaction with others and likes to be on her own. 
bUT it hasn’t gone down as expected. She was angry I tried to surprise her (no surprise), she doesn’t seem that bothered with him and shouts at him when he doesn’t want to be cuddled continuously by her. She wants to sit on the sofa watching TV or being in her phone and is coming across like it’s a chore to have him.  I am the one getting up at 430am, toilet training him and cleaning every day. 
will this get any better? Was it the right decision? Twill she grow with him? 
many advice would be gratefully received