Our son won’t get help..

Hi all, 

this is our first time posting. My partners adult son (20) was diagnosed with Asperges 3 years ago and depression 4 years ago. The diagnoses was when he was at college. He struggled making friend and keeping friends along with communicating in social circles.

After college he became very vacant, he doesn’t have many friends if any. He has never had a job and didn’t go on to university. He said that he found it too difficult and was too anxious.

He was on the waiting list for CBT and counselling through the NHS for atleast 2 years when he was then offered the help he insistent that this was Impossible for him.  he needed to interact face to face. We explained to him about CBT, he agreed to do video call as long as my partner (his mum was with him). He has since declined the help.

He is currently going through a stage speaking over social media to multiple woman and has met some. He appears to jump from relationship to relationship. But is adamant he cannot get the help or work due to having to have face to face contact.

He will also sleep all day not get up until between 2pm-6pm sometimes as late 730pm and not help around the house. And when challenged he can become aggressive and sarcastic. 

this is starting to take its toll on his younger brother, mum and myself. 
we always offer to be there for him to speak to face to face or even through tx or notes if he were to find it easier but he appears to shut us out and is more interested in either sleeping all day or talking to unknown girls. 

we just want to help our son.