How to help my adult son?

My son is 24 years old and was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome nearly 4 years ago after suffering depression and anxiety. Since then has been living with his grandad and rarely leaves his bedroom. In the past four years, he has had counselling from various different people, been on antidepressants, had a support worker (albeit for a short time) and been on a ‘socialeyes’ course run by the local ASD team. He also attended a support group run by the ASD team (for one session only as he found it too overwhelming). All the support has now finished - either because ‘there’s nothing more we can offer him’ or ‘he is not ready for counselling’.  The only thing that he attends is a weekly disability football session which he enjoys (although again can find this too much at times). Other than that he is very isolated and has no friends and fear and anxiety rule his life.  This is heartbreaking for me as he was happy growing up and coped well with school until he went to university.  I really don’t know what to do to help him and I would appreciate any ideas from people who have experienced a similar situation.