DIET: Anyone used the services of Dr Lorene Amet- Autism Treatment Plus?

We are at a desperate situation with food with out four year old Autistic duaghter, who is terribly fussy.

She will only eat around 10 different foods, mostly processed (oat cakes, humus, pom-bears, apples, blueberries, pears, cucumber, school bars).

I am worried she is falling short on key nutrients, especially Iron as she will not eat meat in any form!

Having neen recommended the Autism Treatment Plus by Dr Lorene Amet, I now have an initial phone consulation booked.

I was just wondering if anyone else has used the services of this clinic based in London and Edinburgh please?

Their website is:

I'd appreciate any comments!

Thank you,


  • I've just had a quick look at the website and as soon as it mentioned them "signposting children to other services, such as ABA, where appropriate", that was an immediate red flag. ABA has been proven to be very harmful to children's long-term mental health. I'd also worry about any service that claims to "treat" autism - it isn't an illness that can be treated or cured. There are coping mechanisms that can help with the challenges autistic people face, but that's very different from trying to treat autism.

    I'd recommend speaking to the National Autistic Society via their helpline - they may be able to recommend some services for you.

  • Hi!

    We're only using them for nutritional support, mainly to see if anything is out of normal with gut health and nutrient intake.

    Tests are done via Urine and stool tests.

    I'm fully aware that Autism is not curable. I just don't want to make the situation worse through bad eating.

  • Hope you're able to find something helpful Slight smile

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