Help with autistic 9 year old step son who is struggling with anxiety.

Hi all, I am seeking some help and support for myself and the dad of our 9 year old. A little about him, he was diagnosed back when he was 3. The support his parents got was that they where coping well and didn't need any further advice. He goes to mainstream school and for the past few years his school reports have worsened. He struggles with anxiety at times however this has worsened. He has also recently been diagnosed with dysbraxia. So, his mum has taken him back to the go due to anxiety to be told he will grow out of it. He suffers with going to sleep, so much so he is holding his head saying he gives up. Normally we would take him home to his mum, which helps or if she is out his dad will get into bed with him,but then he doesn't settle till 2am ish. Normally anxiety grows when it is the summer holidays. He has started being very clingy when going out, sometimes the simple trip to the local restaurant will cause this. He normally goes to bed with his TV on and we will turn it off once he is asleep, which lately he is not. We would like to make it comfortable for him as we know his mum needs the break and my partner is scared and worried he is losing his son. Where can we go to get him re-assessed as we are finding it hard to get the gp to refer us, or what can we say to get him to refer us? Sorry for the long post, we are out of our minds at the moment. Is there any apps that our 9 year old can do to help with autism and anxiety?