2 Year old Daughter has first Assessment for Autism next Tuesday.

The start of my youngest daughter's assessment process for Autism by CADU (Child Assessment and Development Unit) has come around a lot quicker than I expected it to. We had a letter this morning explaining that she will be visited at home by a Paediatric Nurse Specialist next Tuesday morning. She'll also have to have the ADOS assessment at CADU; Be assessed at her Nursery by one of the professionals involved and a Multidisciplinary Team assessment at CADU, all on different dates. I'm relieved that we're finally getting closer to getting an actual specific diagnosis for her rather than the interim diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay. I've said to a few people before that although I think there is also some rare genetic disorder involved too, she's definitely 'on the spectrum', she's got too many of the same traits as myself not to be on the spectrum. Having her helps me to understand my own quirks better. Hopefully the assessment process goes well for her!