Son with Dyspraxia and awaiting ASD appt

Hi all, so this is my first post here and I'm not on any social media, this is quite overwhelming for me so please be kind! I have a 5yo son who was diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia at age 3 after i really pushed for help. I had suspected he was on the autistic spectrum from appx 18 months although lots of "clues" were there from birth. He has not had a diagnosis though. On all reports spanning nearly 3 years "social communication difficulties" keeps cropping up. If you look at him in a blanket way - he makes eye contact, he laughs at an age relevant joke, he doesn't mind physical games with peers that he knows.... paediatricians mention the lack of social communication but dont mention ASD due to him being ok with these things. He will only let me kiss him in one particular spot on his cheek. He gets fixated on particular friends at school. On playdates with boys his age he tends to end up playing with the younger siblings instead. He is more emotional than peers at school, he needs instructions repeated directly to him by teachers as he doesn't absorb what is said to the group. He has motor tics and is currently in the habit of peeling his nails (picking at them) theres more but i cant list everything. Has anyone had similar please? Thanks for your time and sorry such an essay !