Am I over protective? Be honest?

My son was finally diagnosed with autism in Nov 18 after a very long drawn out process. He scored 20/22 on his ADOS test.

   I am feeling let down by our school and I’m wondering if anyone might be able to give me their opinion or experiences or if I’m just being over protective. 

When my son moved in to his new year at school his new  teacher wasn’t aware that he had suspected autism at speech and language issues she hadn’t been told in the transition period. He has a IEP at school but not an EHCP because he is academically stable or above on his subjects( that’s what they tell me) I have no idea if he gets any extra support at school. I went to see the senco She told me that they don’t generally worry about him because he doesn’t cause trouble at school and is quiet as a mouse. That statement upset me a little does anyone else find that if there child is quiet and well behaved they are not worried and supported as much?? I’m not saying he deserves preferential treatment but I felt like because he is good they just let him carry on without support. He hasn’t had his homework marked in over six months because he is to frightened to hand in his book but I told them on the many parents evenings to go in to his bag and get it but they never have. 

Well today annoyed me because I was told by his teacher who has just left due to giving birth early that he was going to be given extra support during his SATS test because he doesn’t understand the txt sometimes, I popped in to the school today to talk to his new teacher and his TA that has known him since the beginning of the year to make sure that they had organised the extra support for him before he starts his SATS next week, they turned to me and said they had not been told he needed the extra support and that he has already sat two SATS tests already without them letting me know and without extra support.  He has been very tough to deal with this week when he has got home and now I understand why, if I had known I could of put more things in place. The teacher then told me not to worry he’s been good as gold, of course he has he is always good as gold he could of struggled all the way through that and he would never of told anyone and that’s what has annoyed me.  Does anyone have similar problems or am I worrying over nothing ?? Please be honest