diagnosis process/please share your experience

 I think my daughter has autism. She is 2 and 6 months. I will not go in to why I think this as it’s never ending, but Health visitor also concerned and refered us to Paedoactric doctor. 

I received a letter from the p-doctor asking me to fill out a form/checklist for autism and for my daughters nursery to do the same and for the nursery to do some other bits.

I have sent them off. But what happeneds next? Do they schedule me an appointment for assessment or is this a very very long process? All I hear is bad experiences from other parents explaining the long process, and that when they got there eventually there concerns were not taken to account etc. 

not saying that this will be the case. But if anyone has any information about the process al together it will be appreciated 


  • Hi, the information pages on this site explain the diagnostic process, I would think that since Hv is supporting this and peadiatrics are responding quickly you should have to many problems but definitely check information on this site. NHS pages also run through the process 

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    You may like to read our general information about autism:


    If you were interested in finding out if your daughter is on the autism spectrum, they would need to have a formal diagnostic assessment. You may find it useful to have a look at the following link for further information about diagnosis and the benefits of getting one:http://www.autism.org.uk/about/diagnosis/children.aspx

    If you are looking for a diagnosis for your daughter, it is very important that you see someone with experience of autism spectrum disorders. Details of diagnostic services can be found on our Autism Services Directory: 


    You may also want to look at our section that provides advice for parents, relatives and carers of people with autism.


    It might also be useful to pass on information about autism to health professionals when seeking a diagnosis. The following page includes information for a range of health professionals: 


    You may like to have a read of the National Autism Plan for Children to see what you are likely to expect and what you can ask during the assessment . Please scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to page 3 on summary report, page 11 for full report for the Essential Components for a complete multi agency assessment:


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  • Hello

    We are currently going through the diagnosis process with our little boy who will be 3 in April.

    I pushed my health visitor for an early 2 year 2 month assessment and he created the referral for us in May 2018. It took to September 2018 (beginning of) to have his initial assessment in which they could go two routes, the see you in six months route or needs further assessment, we were told we were going down further assessment. Then think it was October time we say an NHS speech therapist at Child Development Centre, we had however had a private one helping us since September as my little one doesn’t talk, November we had the hearing test and January 2019 (end of) we’ve just had the medical assessment with the paediatrician, this involved general health check, medical history and my little boy had bloods taken for their testing and genetics. We are now waiting a few months we were told for the genetic results which apparently takes a long time.

    It feels like ages but I feel like things are happening at a steady pace and to be totally honest it gives you time to process each stage the wait in between because I find it a bit information overload and I am finding the whole process for my little boy hard to accept anyway.

    I hope that helps a bit and good luck x