Head Banging 4 Year Old :-(

Hi All,

My 4 year old has always been one for punching his head in what we guess is frustration but just lately he is getting really bad at smashing his head against walls and punching his head when he gets upset, he is non verbal so makes it even more challenging . Has anyone ever been through this stage? can anyone recommend anything , hes constantly covered in marks all over his face and its upsetting us we feel so helpless , today he smashed his head on the wall that hard he cracked the plaster on the wall and left a big dent in the wall.

Many Thanks


  • hi there,

    my daughter head bangs and has self injurious behaviour as she is non verbal too and gets frustrated as she cant communicate her needs. we started using visual aids around the house which are helping . you can just label things around the house that your son might need or want to use. we have magnet labels on the fridge with pictures of the different foods so she can point to what she wants and I wear a kneck strap with visual aid cards so I can point to whatever card demonstrates what I'm trying to tell her . amazon and ebay sell the communication cards very cheap. every child with autism is different but I think if she could talk okay then maybe the head banging and meltdowns wouldn't be so bad hope ive been some sort of help  x

  • I did this as a child and it used to horrify my parents. Ended up in A&E a few times so it was a wonder social services were never involved! For me it was through frustration and not being able to cope. See if you can spot the triggers before your child escalates. Mine was always being taken shopping with my mum.

    Then look to see if those triggers should be removed or whether small doeses cause less severe reactions from your child. As I got older I did this less and less but I would still harm myself at times when having meltdowns. This got worse again during my teens but improved as I reach my early twenties.